The Viking Ship Olympic Arena

The Viking Ship Olympic Arena

- for the big moments!

The Viking Ship is a modern multi-purpose hall with an interesting architecture. The form is based on the shape of the Viking ships, a functional and beautiful shape that is as appealing today as it was a thousand years ago. It was built for the Winter Olympics in 1994, and the Viking Ship is Norway's national arena for skating.


Diversity of events

The everday life in The Viking Ship includes more than world records and sports audience. We annually host both small and large trade shows, corporate events, exhibitions, banquets and concerts. This is a venue for all functions.


(Picture: Kick off for 1 600 people)




Versatility, good technical solutions and easy access to the hall makes it easy to arrange. Our experienced and creative staff is accustomed to dealing with events that combines entertainment, exhibition areas and banquets.


(Picture: Andrea Bocelli in konsert)







Andrea Bocelli (2005), Beyonce (2007), Cliff Richard (2007), Stevie Wonder (2008), Santana (2010) and Mark Knopfler (2013) have all been in the Viking Ship Olympic Arena with their own concert.




The Viking Ship is suitable to host concerts for up to 20 000 people, 9 000 guests on dance events and has the space to set dinner-tables for up to 5 000 people.

(Picture: The Gathering - dataparty for 5 000 people)


Did you know that…


The Viking Ship and Hamar Olympic Amphi has been the venue for many international championships?


1 Olympics

– Speed skating, figure skating and short track speed skating.


22 World Championships

– Skating, ice racing, speedway, ice hockey, cycling, bandy, figure skating (Junior) and rally.


3 European Championships

– Skating.


14 World Cups

– Skating and cross country skiing. 

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